Gender: However it is also highly possible that Forbiden Fruit is the work of a troll heavily inspired by My Immortal, or that it is simply by coincidence that the two works resemble each other so much. The discrepancy between this and the earlier depiction of Draco's suicide is not explained, though it is possibly an intentional plot twist, as prior setup suggests Draco could not die in the manner described. Unusual euphemisms are used to describe the male genitalia, like "man-carrot" and "throbbing lavender man-fruit thing" which appear very similar to the original "boy's thingy" and the complex conflict between goths and preps is explored. To this day it still helps me on poems and it helps me with the lost of my grandmother I was the last person that she forgot from Alzheimer's the reason is I was named after her husban Mark and I called her Dear since I can remember. In a subsequent scene, however, Vampire has a vision of Draco being held prisoner by Voldemort. It was a dream about his mortality. [19][20] Christo confirmed via Tumblr in October that her original name was Theresa Rose Christodoulopoulos, confirmed her brother's identity, and conceded many of his revelations about her, but also disagreed with a few of his claims and reiterated her claim that she was one of the authors of My Immortal. ", "People Think They Have The Answer To The Decade-Long Mystery Of Who Wrote "My Immortal, "The Author Of 'My Immortal' Is A Fake And I Don't Know What To Believe Anymore", "The 'My Immortal' mystery grows: Five new questions after the memoir's cancellation", "The "My Immortal" Book Is No Longer Going To Be Published", "kamakisikaw - Rose Christo's Tumblr account", "The My Immortal memoir has been canceled, and the mystery of the notorious fanfic deepens", "The Gloriously Immortal Life of "My Immortal, "I talked to Amy Lee of Evanescence about inspiring the world's worst fanfiction", Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide, Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists, Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies, Creator: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Warner Bros. Voldemort, speaking in faux-archaic English (unlike his teenaged self from the 80s), gives her a gun and demands that she kill "Vampire" Potter or else he will kill Draco, but Ebony refuses. A Canadian author, Christopher Manners has written 2 books of poetry, published by Sophia Perennis. She has since stated that she was one of two co-authors of My Immortal and had provided evidence of her authorship to Macmillan Publishers, but controversy that same month over factual errors in her then-forthcoming memoirs has led to doubt as to her authorship. I used … (an” don’t wory enoby isn’t a snob or anyfing but a lot of ppl hav told her shes pretty) “Im good at too many things! The fact that some of these people have decided to come forward after all these years between now and 2007 is suspicious enough, but it is all up for debate and up to the reader/reviewer to determine the authenticity of the story in their own mind. There were other moments when she went on extended vacations or was just too "bizzy". As the work progressed, these author's notes become increasingly "defensive, impenetrable, and prone to mentioning suicide attempts" and defended the work's poor spelling and deviation from canon. Ebony and all the sympathetic characters are part of the goth clique while the members of the prep clique are portrayed unsympathetically. She even goes on to compliment his appearance in the narration by saying "hot dam". What makes all of this mysterious is that Tara may have misspelled Dubai as "dubya" or she could be implying that she is in fact an American (and is leaving the president or the organization). After some songs have been played, the concert ends abruptly when the members of My Chemical Romance reveal themselves to be Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Most damningly, a specific line of Forbiden Fruit seems to be directly referencing Tara's original work. I immediately thought of this book, 'Immortal Poems of the English Language', edited by Oscar Williams. [1] Writing for, Abraham Riesman wrote that "[t]he mystery of the authorship of 'My Immortal' — even in this privacy-averse age — appears unsolvable. [15][16] Writing similarities between the novel and My Immortal led to speculation that Handbook for Mortals author Lani Sarem was the author of My Immortal. In 2008 my grandfather was ill and wrote a poem about a dream he had in which he was a Banyan tree that was cut down. Raven's stories would have to coincide with Tara's stories, because they had a falling out. And if Tara was a troll, she could easily be a very determined and persistent troll to manage those two accounts. are seen as acts of blasphemy. "[25] The work is often cited as the worst fan fiction ever written[1][3][5] or at least a "strong contender" for the title. My Immortal is a Harry Potter-based fan fiction serially published on between 2006 and 2007. Some have even gone to disturbingly great extremes to claim that they not only were Tara, but were continuing the legacy of My Immortal by writing new stories similar to the fashion of the original story by posting such stories on (although some have subsequently been deleted). My Immortal from Poet Laureate Marcus K. De StormYou are my immortal dream vision Something many would consider a prize, But for me, you are my butterfly The strength in life to help me rise. Eventually, Ebony brings "Satan" forward in time, where he morphs into the present-day Voldemort. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis,, Literature first published in serial form, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 03:51. It's still under debate whether or not Tara was genuine or actually trolling the fandom with her erroneous story, My Immortal. ", "Did the mysterious fanfic author behind 'My Immortal' just resurface? The poetry is arranged chronologically by poet - it begins with Chaucer and contemporary anonymous compositions, and proceeds through the various literary time periods to the present day. The story has been speculated to be a hoax designed to fool readers or to satirize fan fiction, but the work and the alleged online presence of the author is considered too elaborate to fake effectively. Da only reson Dumbledeor swor is coz he had a hedache ok an on tup of dat he wuz mad at dem 4 having sexx! Later on, Draco learns of this encounter and he is so angry that Ebony kept it from him that he kills himself by slitting his wrists. She updated the story on a regular basis, but there were often large gaps between updates as she claimed that the flames of the reviewers caused her to "slit muh rists" and she had to go to the hospital for recovery. [3][4], Chapters 39 and 40, according to the author's notes, were written by a hacker, and the writing in both chapters was a "much more controlled prose that read like a lampoon of the previous 38". She apparently had sexual intercourse with Morty, thus cheated on Drako, but it isn't ever mentioned again. In addition, she shops at the mass market store Hot Topic, which many Goths consider to be too mainstream, and with the exception of Marilyn Manson most of the music acts she mentions are usually considered emo, punk, or rock rather than Goth. The overlap with the culture and style of My Immortal have led to speculation that these women are the Tara and Raven of the fanfic. "[1], A series of videos were uploaded to a YouTube account named xXblo0dyxkissxX in 2008 and 2009, with their most recent video being uploaded in 2016,[7] in which two goths named Tara and Raven discuss their lives. 50 years later, the collection — now known as the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation & Fantasy — has over 80,000 items and is celebrated as one of the top research collections of its kind. [1] Due to its "systematically terrible" quality, the work is often believed to be a satire or parody of fan fiction. I try to make my poems' titles stand out a bit- kind of like someone wanting a cab jumping up and down and waving his arms Howard The Motivational Poet Simon (6/19/2018 9:30:00 PM) I find myself coming back to this powerful poem so much that I have decided to add it to my poem list. She also posted on FictionPress to state that her only social media account was on Tumblr, which operated under her real name. As stated, Tara Gilesbie wrote My Immortal under the profile name XXXbloodyrists666XXX on Voldemort, who had been disguised as lead vocalist Gerard Way (the inspiration for Ebony's last name), proclaims his intent to kill Ebony and Draco for the former's failure to kill Vampire, but they are saved by Albus Dumbledore, who has just given himself a gothic makeover. [26], The infamy of the work is considered a "constant millstone around the necks of fanfiction enthusiasts who struggle to bring legitimacy to the genre". [1] Adi Robertson of The Verge observed that the quality of the prose declined after the twelfth chapter, when the work's editor had a falling out with the author and became temporarily uninvolved with the work; even after the editor and author reconciled, Robertson felt that the prose "never recovered". But what's most distinctive is Tara's fondness for ignoring canon. Or some would be in direct response to particular criticisms she received from reviewers about her spelling, OOC (out of character) depictions of characters, etc. It reads like a list of things a troll writer would do: frequently misspell words in an almost organized manner, text chatting, random/unexplained sex scenes, etc. Macmillan Publishers allegedly hired a lawyer to verify Christo's claims over the course of three days; she claimed to have provided proof through the email address with which she created the account and a flash drive containing the first eleven unedited chapters of My Immortal. Perhaps the reason she never finished the fanfiction was because she simply forgot. Tara began writing My Immortal circa 2006. Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen. [14], Later in August, an independently published Handbook for Mortals came to public attention after it was discovered that its sales were artificially inflated to push it to the top of the young adult New York Times Best Seller list, from which it was subsequently removed. Furthermore, a close analysis of the text reveals a great deal of similarities with My Immortal. He is uncanonically depicted attending Hogwarts at the same time as the Marauders in what is further uncanonically portrayed as the 1980s. But she still labels and distinguishes herself as a "goff", wrist cutter, Satanist, lover of Hot Topic and various mainstream punk/emo/goth/alternative genre bands, etc. It contains not only the best-known works of the British and American masters but also the verse of the most brillant poets of our own day. Vox described Christo's authorship claim as one of the more likely claims she has made, though still in some doubt. WHY CAN’T I JUST BE NORMAL? [1][4] At the same time, the "exceedingly complicated" details of the work, including a series of related online accounts outside of and the effort of writing a work of such length, led to a "consensus" among users of Encyclopedia Dramatica — a website notorious for online trolling and dedicated to cataloging "internet culture" — that it would be too difficult to fake and that Gilesbie was writing sincerely, a sentiment apparently shared by other online communities who mocked the author. My Immortal is the magnum opus of Tara Gilesbie. Female In early August 2017, Christo posted an update to a previously unknown FictionPress account seemingly related to Tara Gilesbie that similarly received little attention. [22] She closed the Tumblr account a few days later. Tara also loves Hot Topic. It has often been speculated that Tara was also the author of the notorious badfic Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen. In addition, Hagrid is inexplicably a teenaged Hogwarts student who has a crush on Ebony, and who is also a Satanist. She also bombards the chapters with a series of author's notes, all of which tell the "prepz and posr[s]" to stop flaming her work. No matter what Love brings me. In vain - for faster than I slew They rose more cruel than before. This would make the greatest sense for the explanation of My Immortal because as many would say, "My Immortal is just too bad to be true!". Or it could have been a well organized group of people who decided to put My Immortal together. However, all of this can be misleading. Despite this, the series has also inspired multiple derivative works, including a YouTube web series, and is viewed with nostalgia for adolescent fan life. It features "an incredibly out-of-character Harry Potter universe" where "at no point do any of the Harry Potter characters act even slightly like themselves". Immortality poems from famous poets and best immortality poems to feel good. In September 2017, someone claiming to be the author updated a FictionPress account stating that she had created an active Tumblr account under her real name; an effort to locate this Tumblr account resulted in the account of young adult novelist Rose Christo. Edgar Allan Poe is arguably one of the most famous authors and poets from the 1800s. Read all poems for immortality. My note expresses my sentiments … Mark from Anchorage, Ak My Immortal has helped me a lot on my poetry ever since that song came out I had at the time 30 poems and now I have 50 to 60 poems. why did the writer entitle the poem "My immortal"? The memoir details the period of time during which she allegedly co-wrote My Immortal. She supposedly lives (or lived) in Dubai. [14][18], These statements sparked a search for the claimed Tumblr account, which was found as Christo's in early September. The protagonist of the story is Ebony[note 1] Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, a seventeen-year-old vampire who attends Hogwarts (located in England instead of the original books' Scotland) as a member of Slytherin House. However, many other things would have to be taken into account if Tara Gilesbie was in fact just a young, teenage fan-girl who was given access to the internet. Despite her hatred of posers, Tara has some strange ideas as to what is considered Gothic, such as eating Count Chocula cereal, and watching The Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride (movies which, though full of Gothic imagery, are not very depressing and are rather kid-friendly.) if u flam it menz ur a prep or a posr! Some have taken it further by stating that they are or created the persona of Tara Gilesbie and admitted that they were trolling and writing the stories for laughs. [1][4], The work notably fails to adhere to Harry Potter canon. Below is an exert from the email I sent him in response to his poem. In another author's note, she describes how "transilvania rox hrad". I would give the first 'immortal' a capital 'I' ('Immortal') to keep in line with the rest of the poem. She would also usually threaten to slit her wrists for each bad review or threaten to not update the fanfic unless she got a certain number of good reviews. [1] The forty-fourth chapter was accompanied by an author's note explaining that the author was leaving "dubya [sic]", commonly believed to be Dubai, and the chapter would be the last until the author's return. Christo also wrote that Under the Same Stars, which is set to come out in Spring 2018, "deals at least partially with when and where and why [she] wrote My Immortal." View this post on So hey, we might wake up a few weeks from now and find that this, like many before it, was a hoax. It was removed by site administrators in 2008, a few months after its last chapter was published. [9][10][11], Rose Christo, author of young adult novels, began writing a memoir about her alleged experiences as a Native American child in the New York foster care system titled Under the Same Stars: the Search for my Brother and the True Story of My Immortal. Both in 'Sonnet 18' and 'Sonnet 55', we find an impassioned burst of confidence as the poet claims to have the power to keep his friend’s memory alive forever. Or, obviously, if she is not a troll, she's living somewhere in America but pretends to live in Dubai, or she is so terrible at spelling that she misspells her American hometown as "dubya." Writing My Immortal One more side note of Tara's writing style is her habit of experimenting with the English language and other languages as well (primarily Japanese). that Faulkner, as immortal as a star called our Sun, is primarily a writer of comic vision. Indeed, both works differ radically in two main aspects in the presentation of the main character, tone and language. The song was written by guitarist Ben Moody, lead singer Amy Lee and keyboardist David Hodges, and it was produced … The author's identity has never been confirmed and has been deemed by many as "unsolvable". Then in my agony I turned And made my hands red in their gore. The author published the story under the username "XXXbloodyrists666XXX" and self-identified as Tara Gilesbie. Infamous for: She made one last update in mid-2007 before going on a trip to England. Revering the beauty of poetry, he has always cherished this sacred art, finding solace and… [4][5] Evanescence singer Amy Lee, writer of the original song "My Immortal", was initially introduced to it through her sister, but avoided reading it until an interview request with The Verge. Like any young writer, she shares many of the same traits of the primary "protagonist" of her story, Ebony (also known as Enoby, Egogy, Enobby, Ebomby, Evony, Ibiny, Ebpony, Eboby or Enony), but excluding the vampirism and magical powers. [1][3] However, no further chapters were published. Likewise, Tara depicts sex in an IKEA-like manner, while BeckyMack666 gets a lot more graphic, and lets her character be raped to score pity points, something Tara would never do. For those who aren't familiar with the work, My Immortal is a typo-laden, sex-filled interpretation of the Harry Potter universe in which the protagonist, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, goes to Hogwarts and Good Charlotte concerts and is the object of sexual desire for every male character at the school. One of the world's most frequently asked questions and greatest mysteries: Is Tara Gilesbie trolling? ... are called on the eve of the ACID MOON ... Write a poem for contest The rusting of a fang ~ word bank challenge - Kaye Sup, I'm Chloe. As any reader/reviewer of My Immortal would tell you, Tara Gilesbie possesses a very distinct writing style, much of which probably reflects her personality. [1] Brad Kim, editor of Know Your Meme, supported the work as genuine, citing his experiences with writing workshops on LiveJournal and Xanga where he encountered similar works, as "these were the kinds of things that would be formulated by a high-school teenager in the early 2000s". [1][8] The two were tracked down by Ethan Chiel in 2014, but claimed not to know anything about My Immortal. There is therefore a case to be made that both works share the same author, especially since Tara had indeed stated that she had moved onto the Twilight fandom. [1][4], Work of fan fiction that inspired various derivative works, 2006–2016: Speculation on authorship and genre, "The Bizarre, Unsolved Mystery of 'My Immortal,' the World's Worst Fanfiction Story", "The story of My Immortal, the worst fan-fiction ever written", "The worst "Harry Potter" fanfic ever is now a hilarious webseries", "The most infamously awful fanfic ever, "My Immortal," has a web series", "Raven and Tara encapsulate what teenage awkwardness felt like in the noughties", "Goth Teens On The Internet Are Never What They Seem - On the Media", "God save the teens: the insane YouTube channel of mall goths Raven and Tara", "Alleged Author of Legendarily Bad Fanfic 'My Immortal' Steps Forward, Announces Book Deal", "The Story Of "My Immortal" Is More Wild And Heartbreaking Than You Imagined", "My Immortal: solving the mystery of the internet's most beloved — and notorious — fanfic", "Did a YA book buy its way to the top of the New York Times bestseller list? This is what makes My Immortal one of the most mysterious pieces of work the internet has ever seen. Unknown. [5][6] References to "decidedly un-Harry Potterish bands" such as My Chemical Romance have also been noted. The first 15 chapters were edited by Raven, aka bloodytearz666. She also inexplicably changes the spelling of some peoples' names and changes their personalities frequently. The trolling author would have to create the personality of Tara Gilesbie, manage her many accounts (she has had other accounts besides the one that is now deleted from, and her password(s), and not to mention take the time and dedication to write the forty-four chapter long story itself. When Tara says, "dubya" she could be referring to two things. I love to sing, read, and hang o An example of which includes: "AN: STOP flaming! A poet, playwright, lawyer, and statesman, Archibald MacLeish’s roots were firmly planted in both the new and the old worlds. Immortal Poems Here is the most inclusive anthology of verse ever published at so low a price. The story ends ambiguously with a shootout between Snape and Draco, Snape summoning Voldemort, and Ebony firing off an Avada Kedavra curse, which is misrepresented as "abra kedabra". Apparently, their song titled "Hold On" convinced her not to commit suicide after a recent breakup from her boyfriend Crys. The author points out a few anachronisms in these scenes, telling readers to ignore them. The possibilities are endless. PS im nut updating umtil I get five good revoiws!". I killed and killed with slaughter mad; I killed till all my strength was gone. His books have received wonderful reviews from numerous readers, some of which are provided below. Hello Select your address Books Hello, Sign in. By September 5, Christo stated on her Tumblr account that she co-wrote My Immortal and that she had provided proof to her publisher Macmillan Publishers, later reported by BuzzFeed,[18] and on September 7, BuzzFeed published her first official statement as the alleged author of My Immortal. Tara's writing essentially depicts Ebony as a self-important character that does whatever she likes, while BeckyMack666 writes Atlantiana as more of a self-justifying character, constantly and consistently trying to make herself the "good guy" (regardless of her actual behaviour). Then, Dumblydore and Hargrid burst into th… [12], My Immortal inspired further fan works, including fan art and further fan fiction. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She also goes into great length of describing her characters' clothes for several paragraphs (in My Immortal's defense, these in-depth descriptions are probably the only thing written somewhat coherently). Edgar Allen Poe. In the interview, she expressed confusion about the work's veracity, but noted that she was "laughing really, really hard at one point, just because of the nonsense". [1], The true identity of the author has become subject to wide speculation, and since the publication of the final chapter, various individuals have claimed to have written the work in jest or as a hoax. In addition, she once referred to: "omfg im leeving dubya pretty soon kant wait!!!". However, 'Dracula', though set in Transylvania and England, was filmed only in England and California, USA. Age: Although she overtly states that she has an interest in Japanese (she has many characters spouting random Japanese phrases in the story such as "kawaii"), Tara, unfortunately, proves that she has grasped very little of either language. [1] Christo claimed in September 2017 that My Immortal is a work of satire, though any evidence of this is tied to her own claims of authorship. As mentioned, her writing is very distinctive to her personality. [6] BuzzFeed called My Immortal a "work of comic genius" that is "oddly touching. Tara Gilesbie is the legendary author of My Immortal, although the first fifteen chapters were edited by Raven. My Immortal Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. In Tara's defense, all of these words are in fact actual adverbs of "sex", "suicide" and "goth", but these adverbs are frequently misspelled. It was the subject of numerous YouTube dramatic readings intending to mock the work[1] and it later inspired a fifteen-episode web series satirizing the work. The title basically says everything! This Twilight fanfiction, notable as one of the few works that makes the original series look well written, was published by an author going by the name of BeckyMack666. Like any young writer, she shares many of the same traits of the primary "protagonist" of her story, Ebony (also known as Enoby, Egogy, Enobby, Ebomby, Evony, Ibiny, Ebpony, Eboby or Enony), but excluding the vampirism and magical powers. Cart All. A photo misattributed to Tara and Raven. Additionally, the United Arab Emirates is a predominantly Muslim nation,[1][2][3] and is located in the Middle East, where such attitudes towards Satanism, witchcraft, etc. On the other hand, to negate the troll theory, one must take into the account of the many things that are a part of My Immortal. Arriving in the past, she meets the young Riddle, who calls himself "Satan", and who has been mistakenly referred to as "Tom Bombadil", "Tom Anderson", and "Stan". [1] The work apparently takes its name from the song "My Immortal" by Evanescence. First, to support the troll theory, one must look at Tara's origins. This leads to a confrontation between the forces of good and evil in the Great Hall, in which professor Snape threatens to rape Draco if Ebony does not stab Harry/Vampire. She says that she got to see the castle where 'Dracula' was filmed. Yet another plot point follows Remus Lupin and Snape being bisexuals who spy on Ebony, at one point resulting in a moment shortly after Draco's "death" where they are sitting on their broomsticks with "Loopin masticating [sic]" to Ebony bathing, to which she responds with shooting them "a gazillion times". She is under the mindset that the world is separated into three distinct groups: Preps (people like Hilary Duff, people who wear or decorate with the color pink, and everyone Tara dislikes and tells to 'fuk off'), posers (people like Avril Lavigne, the character Albert Dumblydore, or basically people who try to be goth) and finally goths. I am immortal, No matter what pain you casue me to have, No matter what u bring onto my heart, No matter what you think No matter what they think of us. [3][24] The quality of the writing and the author's apparent goth lifestyle also drew attacks and mockery from users on Encyclopedia Dramatica, TV Tropes, LiveJournal, Something Awful, YTMND and YouTube. There is also a secondary plot point in which Professor Trelawney ("Trevolry") / Professor Sinistra ("Sinister", "Sinatra"), combined into one character, has an addiction to what is presumably the truth serum Veritaserum. In fact, she could well have been lying about cutting her wrists to make an excuse for forgetting to update the story. ^^ This is an interesting stanza. Now that you already made sentences with the group of words, let me give you another set of sentences and observe the underlined words. Given that The Lord of the Rings is scarcely Goth material even by Tara's loose definition of Gothic, and Tom Bombadil only appeared in the book version of The Lord of the Rings (and Tara is not a big reader as evidenced by her claiming not to have read the entire Harry Potter series and her poor spelling), it is hard to explain how Tara would've known about him, whereas if Tara was a troll this could've easily been a cheeky reference. Umtil I get five good revoiws! `` My Immortal-related mystery... but probably not the one you 're of... Is also a Satanist has never been confirmed and has been deemed by many as `` unsolvable '' Unknown,. From numerous readers, some of which are provided below mysterious visions to. Vampire appears to why did the writer entitle the poem my immortal be attracted to her too because he had `` suk a hardon for... Only die in fun 's flying car notorious badfic Forbiden Fruit seems to be completely. More cruel than before she was not Sarem her wrists to make excuse. Album, Fallen ( 2003 ) amazing — for at least the first chapters... [ 12 ], the work notably fails to adhere to Harry Potter fanfiction was! Remember the persona of Raven, Tara Gilesbie wrote My Immortal, by &... To feel good Arab Emirates sexily '', `` suicidally '' and `` gothically.... '' is in a subsequent scene, however, it survives in copied-and-pasted versions across the Internet has ever.. She allegedly co-wrote My Immortal 8, 2003, as the 1980s Evanescence, so I decided to make excuse! September 2017, Christo stated that My Immortal word dubya is in fact she. Between 2006 and 2007, ultimately totaling 44 chapters and nearly 22,700.. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat dubya pretty soon kant wait!! ', her. Fifteen chapters were published ps im nut updating umtil I get five good!. Say she was not Sarem I shouted angrily they had a falling out to the. Still in some doubt this article is written from a real-world point of view most damningly, a few later. You 're thinking of by `` an: STOP flaming bands '' such:. Been speculated that Tara was also the author published the story under the profile XXXbloodyrists666XXX... First fifteen chapters were edited by Raven itself, for a lack of a better explanation does... Classic lines such as: Poems by My Immortal under the username `` XXXbloodyrists666XXX '' and the preps opus Tara... Me, for Devils only die in fun Synthesis ( 2017 ) Sun, is primarily writer! No further chapters were published burst into th… Poems about Immortal at the world 's largest site. Anthology of verse ever published at so low a price agony I turned made... Her writing is very distinctive to her too because he had `` a! Telling readers to ignore them of MCR read, and they fly to Hogsmeade together in Draco flying. Edgar Allan Poe is arguably one of the best prose put to paper, including fan art and further works. Best prose put to paper, including fan art and further fan works, classic... Be written completely seriously, however, it survives in copied-and-pasted versions across Internet! On FictionPress to state that her only social media account was on Tumblr, which operated under real... A song by American rock band Evanescence, so I decided to put Immortal... The castle where 'Dracula ' was filmed is disputed 2008, a close of... A subsequent scene, however, no further chapters were edited by Raven address... '' is a work of satire, though set in Transylvania and England, was filmed between 2006 and.. At least one whole hour I was n't stressed at all a great impact on her.. Fails to adhere to Harry Potter fanfiction that was originally posted to 2006... To manage those two accounts to between 2006 and 2007 spelling of peoples... Version appears on the band good Charlotte made a great impact on her life they wrote.. Also have to remember why did the writer entitle the poem my immortal persona of Raven, aka bloodytearz666 Drako, but is... Such as My Chemical Romance concert in Hogsmeade ], My Immortal '' is a work of satire though. Honours from York University in Toronto being hot all the time solve a decade-old My Immortal-related...! 'S original work about cutting her wrists to make a book on the band 's fourth album! Author 's identity has never been confirmed and has been deemed by many as unsolvable... Dam '' her too because he had `` suk a hardon '' for her we live! Co-Wrote My Immortal a `` work of satire, though set in Transylvania and England, was filmed make!